Offroad Tour

NOTE: Despite our wicked cool graphics please note that we DO NOT start in Nevada City anymore. We start in Virginia City at the train depot there!

Starting Point

Join us for guided audio tours aboard our massive M925A1 six-wheel-drive truck as we depart beautiful Virginia City, MT and drive you seven miles along the most concentrated gold strike in US history! Along the way you will get to see the wild country of Montana and learn of the backbreaking effort required to break the land and acquire its resources. Sit back and let the six massive tires grind you to the top as we entertain you with stories of gold and the Wild West as you feast your eyes of the legacy of more than 150 years of Montana’s mining history. The trail climbs almost 4000 feet along its seven mile meander through the gold fields, stopping at the sheer rock face of Mt. Baldy at an elevation of over 7800 feet.

Our Route

The road is rough and occasionally storms sweep in but you can rest assured we have the machine to make the trip. Riders should come prepared with jackets regardless of the weather back in Virginia City, especially on the morning and evening runs. The road is occasionally rough and and dusty. The truck rides stout, you should expect some occasional jostling and if you are not up to that sort of activity riding Colossus is not recommended. Please note that all those who ride with us do so at their own risk.

Base ticket prices:
Adults $20 per person
Seniors and Service men from around the world $15 per person
Children 6 to 16 $10 per person
Kids under 6 ride free!

*All prices subject to an additional local resort tax.*

If you want to make arrangements for you and your group, contact us today! 406-546-9787